Friday, July 22, 2005

Show Five

Final thoughts and such. See you at CastPodder!


Blogger Sally said...

During show five, you mentioned a theory that someone presented to you about the Occlumency lessons from Book 5. The theory was that Snape was actually working for Voldemort then and making it easier for the connection between Harry and Voldemort to stay open. But I disagree with this theory, because of the fact that Snape was so quick to end the lessons. When the incident with Snape's memory occured, Snape didn't try to ignore and continue with the lessons because he knew that the Dark Lord would want him to. But then again, he wasn't eager to continue even to further protect the Order and Harry. It seems like anytime we get close to taking a side with Snape, the answer is never concrete! Even when Rowling shows Snape killing Dumbledore in front of our own eyes, we don't really believe it. There's always a second opinion when it comes to Snape, and I'm fascinated by how he seems to have become the center of the series. Through all of the books, he is one of the more central characters along with Dumbledore and Voldemort. But the most peculiar thing about this is that we still don't know why Snape is so important. Obviously he killed Dumbledore, but Bellatrix killed Snape and she's definetely not central. Well, we'll just have to see.

Oh, and excellent commentary!

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