Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Show Three

Chapters 13-18.



Blogger AccioXbox616 said...

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Blogger AccioXbox616 said...

Hi! My name is Matt, I'm 15 and I live in Georgia. I think your podcast is really good. But i have a question:

Remember in OotP when Harry and Ron think that Snape is not really teaching Harry Occlumency, but in fact making it easier for Voldemort to penetrate? Well, now that we apparently know which side Snape is on, what i Harry and Ron were right?

Your thoughts on this?

Toccoa, Georgia


If you mentioned me on your Podcast, that'd be super awesome too!

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Blogger Ragabash said...

Something that's a personal pet peeve ... the context the word "shipping" is used. Is it too much EFFORT to simply say "relationship"? Maybe it's a reflection of having worked for United Parcel Service for three years, but when I hear the word "shipping" I think package delivery times and big brown trucks.

To me the word "ship" and "shipping" represent a lazy way of speaking.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Chelle said...

Hi, Matt!

First off, my answer to your question contains spoilers about HBP so I'm warning readers if they haven't finished the book yet.


A little



Well, I'm still on the fence about Snape. We know that he's half-blood, and this fact wouldn't be taken lightly by Voldemort. I think Snape is trying to save his own skin by playing both sides. He's a double-spy for both. His loyalties lie with both. And there might be evidence that Dumbledore already knew he was going to die. But I'll speak about that on a future podcast. :)

And ragabash, I don't think it's much about laziness as it is about fans trying to establish cohesiveness by creating slang terms which can only make sense within the fandom. I use the word "ship" because its meaning is well-known within fandom, and "relationship," to me, sounds too dry and academic within my context, i.e. as a fan.

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